We build and launch
software products.

Since 2010, we've worked with start-ups and companies, building, designing and planning applications, sites and business concepts on the web and desktop.

Python and Django development

We use Python since 2007 as our main development language. Also we focused on Django web framework to develop rich and modern web applications. Python and Django are our tools of choice along side with Ruby on Rails, but we are not restricted to them.

Ruby on Rails development

We've focused on Ruby on Rails since 2010, making us one of the most experienced Rails-focused companies in Middle East. It's definitely our tool of choice, but not our only one.

Mobile App development

Mobile applications play an important role in today's tech world. We develop and design awesome mobile applications using cutting edge technologies for Android, iOS,Windows Phone and other platforms.

Responsive design

Web products don't sit on a desk anymore. We craft them to work on devices of any size and shape. Hand held devices play an important role in people's life these days.

Functional prototypes

All of our projects start with a prototype. They are the perfect way to ensure that your idea works. They let you fail early and inexpensively, make you understand the technical problems you're trying to solve, enable you to test and refine your design, and allow you to describe your idea more effectively.


Our ASAP concept is a perfect fit for prototypes: we can take your idea and build it into a live product in 5 weeks. In ASAP we work with you to focus your idea, design it, build it and get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Free Softwares

We are big fans of Free Software movement and our goal is to contribute as much as we can to free software world and supports who have the same goal as us. We have many free software projects and supports many teams who are active in this field.

We love and produce free softwares.

  • Djamo

    Feel the true performance

    Yet another Mongodb driver for Django web framework. An ORM like layer to use MongoDB via Django.

  • Daarmaan

    Authenticate everywhere

    Flexible, secure and fast SSO solution software.

  • Faalis

    Rapid development

    A Ruby on Rails engine which provides a powerful web application base to use with other Ruby on Rails applications.

  • Susanoo

    Mobile development

    Meta Framework to develop hybrid mobile application in a blink using HTML5 and Javascript

  • Vakhshour

    Pass events to anywhere

    Very simple and easy to use network message passing framework

  • Vanda

    Web development platform

    Vanda is a development platform for rapid web development.

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